Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tis The Season

Holiday Traditions...

Do you have any holiday traditions from your childhood that you are now continuing with your kids. My husband and I each have one that we have tried to continue with our three kids. When I was little, we always went to buy our Christmas tree on my birthday...Dec. 7. While we haven't been able to do this every year, we try to. Normally, each person in our family has a different opinion on which tree to select. This year the selection was easy. It was pouring rain and we all agreed on the first tree we saw.

My husband's tradition is a little more unique. He has 2 brothers and every year, each boy was responsible for moving a wiseman closer to the manger. They would travel all over their house and would end up at the manger on Christmas Eve night. So everyday, the wisemen could be anywhere in the house, stairs, piano, had to be careful not to step on them. My husband said he and his brothers would get competitive if one wiseman was too far ahead of the other 2! Conveniently, we have 3 kids and they, too, move the wiseman each night. Here they are making their way down our stairs.

A few years ago, my mother-in-law gave each one of her sons their wiseman. Here is my husband's wiseman. I absolutely love it!

Spreading a little holiday cheer with a few of my holiday pillows.

Soldering 101!

My friends, Julie and Sue, and I took Rita's soldering class in Fallbrook. So much fun...lots of laughter. Rita was so encouraging and patient!

I can't believe I made these two charms! Even though I need lots of practice, Rita made it seem easy. I'm ordering my soldering supplies so I can make more goodies.

Rita's Welcome Wagon! Does it get any better.

My classmates along with our Soldering Leader!

A real bonus to the class was being treated to Rita's husband's cooking. Dean welcomed us with lattes and hot chocolates, then came in with mid morning snack of french bread, homemade pesto and avocados and finally, he served French Onion Soup and dessert for lunch.

We all think Dean should offer cooking classes.
Thank you for the perfect day - Rita and Dean! I can't wait to come back.

As a vendor at Country Roads, I was well aware that Rachel Ashwell was going to be at the store for her book signing. Since I was working the Long Beach Flea Market on that day, I knew I would miss out on this fun event. Imagine my surprise when I got a call from Katie at Country Roads telling me that Rachel was interested in purchasing something from my booth. What a compliment. An even bigger surprise was Rachel was still at CR when I stopped in at 4 pm.

Here is my autographed book.

First Pillow Winner Giveaway!

Congratulations to Gail Kramer, winner of my first Pillow Giveaway. She selected the Joie de la vie burlap pillow sham. Enjoy, Gail! Everyone can look forward to another give away in the near future.

And speaking of's my new design...I call it the Queen Bee! It turned out really cute and notice I added a little bling to the burlap ones! Contact me if you're interested in purchasing one.

Still busy making my new bottles. Thank you for the wonderful response to the bottles. You can contact me if you want to purchase one. My New Year's resolution is to get my etsy store up and running!

Still Time for Holiday Shopping....Wine Toppers Extreme!

My friend Kathryn makes these incredible feather wine toppers...which would make an incredibly unique gift for the hostess with the mostest! Please visit Kathryn's website at .

As always.....remember...

A Day Without Laughter Is A Day Wasted.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Everything Coming Up Roses At Rosebowl

Sometimes a show really just comes together. That was the case at Sunday's Rosebowl show. The weather was perfect, everyone seems to be in the shopping mood, I had cute items to give my booth that extra sparkle and I got to meet one of my favorite bloggers...Heather Bullard. Yes, it was a good day and everything seemed to come up roses at Rosebowl..
Here are some highlights of the day....

(Can you believe that I got all this plus more furniture and

nick nacks that you can't see in the photo in my Expedition!)

Here I am meeting the Blogging Guru, Heather Bullard, for the first time! (I know terrible pic of me, but I was up at 4 am!)I think I was able to convince her that I was not a stalker, just a huge admirer. Whenever I read her blog I get so inspired! I finally added a sidebar that highlights my favorite blogs. Thanks for the help Kim M.! Once you visit Heather's blog, you'll be hooked!

Congratulations to fellow blogger, Jill B. She was a part of Heather, Amy Hanna and Pam Garrison's Brocante Carnival on Sunday and I raffled off a pillow and she was the winner. Visit her site, another really great site with unbelievable pictures!

I brought out some holiday accents at this month's show. It still felt a little early to me but everyone seem to enjoy them.

Don't you LOVE these old xmas cards. I've kept several for myself.

My bottle designs have been a real hit! I've sold out of all the ones I've made.

and 3 people at Rosebowl ordered them.

The bottles sparkle with lots of vintage bauble on them.

My friend Julie, took it one step further and made this Christmas tree. Isn't it unbelievable! The close ups give you a better view of how the tree is filled with jewels and accessories. She used lots of holiday accent pieces on her tree. She even used the face of a Christmas watch on it and her tree topper is a Santa Smurf! The tree stand is a braclet.

I'm going to feature a "How to" on making this decorative xmas tree on my next blog. I've started a smaller version of her tree, but it not only takes a long time, you really have to have a stock of trinkets to fill the trees and my trinket bin is getting a little low.

I bought this beautiful vintage necklace for $5 with every intention of taking it apart and using the pearls for one of my bottles. Love the gray tones -- once I got it home and took it out of the bag, I feel in love with it. There is no way I can break it apart. When I look at this necklace, I think of some woman in the 1950's wearing it to one of those formal dances. One of my best $5 buys ever. I also bought this great vintage bracelet for $5 from the same vendor!

Have any of you ever stumbled on to the It's a quirky site that when you hit the word stumble, it takes you to random websites. Leave it to my 12 year old to introduce it to me. Do you have a unique or fun website that you'd like to share. Please send me a comment, I would love to check it out.

November Pillow Give Away - Deadline Approaching!

Finally, don't forget I'm doing a November pillow give away--anyone who post a comment will be entered in the drawing. The drawing is set for November 16, so post you comments!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST...Please take a moment to remember and say thank you to all veterans on Veterans Day, November 11. Thank you veterans for your service to our country and our families.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My road to Country Roads Antiques

I can't believe I did it! I have taken a SMALL space at Country Roads Antiques Store in Orange!

It's an exciting adventure for me and hope you will stop in next time you're in the Orange area. If you've never been to Old Town Orange, you're in for a treat! My space is straight down the hall as you enter the front doors of Country Roads. Here's a few more photos.



Country Roads has lots of exciting events scheduled in November, including....a book signing event with the Shabby Chic pioneer, Rachel Ashwell. Don't miss this event on November 15! I hope you will come out for this really special event!

I finally got my copy!

I finally got my copy of Tara Frey's Blogging for Bliss. I tried getting it awhile back ago from Borders, but it was on back order. I haven't event peeked into it, because I want to wait until I have time to really sit down, read it and soak it all in! Thank you Tara for your inspiration!


O.K., I admit it....I'm Etsy challenged. I opened an Etsy store 4 months ago and haven't been able to really get it up and going. If anyone is really familiar with setting up an etsy store and is interested in a pillow(s) trade, please contact me. I really want to put an inviting banner on my store front and would appreciate any feedback on if I should be doing any of their "special features".


I'm planning my first pillow give away in November. Please be sure to send me a comment if you are interested in being in the drawing for a free pillow!

Happy Halloween!
A Day Without Laughter Is A Day Wasted!

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's official - Summer is Over

OK, it's official -- summer is over.

As usual it went by too fast with some unexpected twists...

A shout out to my husband who accepted a new job in late July. He accepted the President position at Santa Margarita Catholic High School. Congratulations Paul, we are so proud of you. His new job means a commute all of 1 mile from our home!

The end of summer took us on a quick trip to San Diego where we rented a beach house for the week. No sooner had we gotten all the sand out of our shoes when Paul was off starting his new job and our kids started school on 3 different days and at 3 different schools! Each year my kids indulge me on the first day of school as I take their photo with a sign indicating the date and their grade. Riley took his last pose as he entered his senior year at Mission Viejo High School! Go Diablos!

With Paul's job change, came a school change for our middle daughter, Chelsea, who entered the Freshman class at Santa Margarita High School. Go Eagles!

Last but not least, Ally started Jr. High! Go Roadrunners.

Now that everyone is back at school maybe I can get some work done and actually update my blog more than once every 3 months!

I only did a few shows over the summer was hot. I wanted to thank all of you who came out to the shows and continue to purchase my pillows and other goodies. I love meeting and talking to everyone!

Here is Erica at the Irvine show buying MORE pillows, but the real reason I took her picture was because I couldn't get over how cute she looked. Her whole outfit had such a whimzy look to it...from her hair clip to her long summery tunic blouse to her the darling purse. I could never pull off that look, but she looked adorable!

Anyone who knows me knows that September-November is my favorite time of the year. By September, I'm itching to get out my Fall accents, along with my Halloween decorations. Recently, I decided to put a twist on my bird pillows by screenprinting them in a sassy silver on black burlap and on a pumpkin linen. So cute! I only have a few so contact me if you're interested in buying any.

One of my goals when I started my blog was to feature women who I think you would enjoy also getting to know. Meet my friend Cheryl! Cheryl is a junker from way back, long before it was shabby chic cool. She grew up in South Dakota helping her parents sell antiques and collectibles at flea markets.

Flea marketing is in her blood and there is no one I can think of who shares the same excitement as I do when we find the perfect chippy paint item. She is far more knowledgeable about antiques than I am and always does a great job decorating her home each season with her collectibles. Happy early birthday Cheryl - you're the best!

Here is Cheryl's collection of vintage sand shovels that she brings out every summer. I was able to get a quick picture before she packed them away until next year.

As we enter the fall months, I often get invited to participate in a number of boutiques. I'll keep you posted upcoming shows and boutiques! For starters....mark your calendars for....

October 2 & 3: French At Heart Fall Bazaar.

October 10: Glitterfest, 10-3 pm Elks Lodge, Santa Ana

November 20: Santa Margarita Moms Club Boutique, More info to follow.

If you know of an upcoming boutique, send me the info and I'll add it to my list.

Happy Fall Everyone and don't forget...
A Day Without Laughter Is A Day Wasted....

Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Summer!
It's hard to believe that it's been over a month since I posted my last blog. It has been a ridiculously busy June. First, there were all the end of the school year events to attend. Then summer kicked off with the juggling of 3 kid's summer activities and schedules. The end of the school year always leaves me feeling nostalgic. You begin to wonder where did the time go...all the memories of your kid's first day of school come flooding back.

In addition to seeing my nephew graduate from high school, we celebrated Chelsea's Jr. High promotion to High School and then....

we said our final farewell to elementary school as Ally promoted to Jr. High. Sigh....

Since it has been over a month since I've posted my last blog, I have lots of "New" things to share with you. I'll try to make this short and sweet!
Newbie #1 - Blog Extreme Make Over

Hopefully my first "newbie" is obvious -- my new blog design! Don't you love it! I do! It was designed by wonderfully talented designer, Kelly from Dallas, also known as "fabulous K creative". Check out her talents and her portfolio at Kelly contacted me to see if I would be interested in doing a trade...a few pillows in exchange for a new blog design. I jumped at the chance! Fabulous K captured exactly the feel and essence that I wanted for my blog...clean, crisp and stylish. If you're thinking about starting a blog or giving your current blog a face lift, consider contacting Kelly. You'll be so happy you did.


I am pleased to showcase my new selection of pillow designs. I have added 2 new French phrases which include: Maison de vie (Cottage Living) and Joie de le vie (The Joy of Living) . Both phrases were suggested by blogger,Suzanne at Southern Inspiration . Thank you Suzanne!

I've also added a wonderful new bird design to my pillow collection along with the monogram "K". I'm also adding "G" this week.

Currently, the monograms I have available are: A, B, C, G, H, K, L, M, R, S.

Newbie #3 - Flea Market Find

I recently picked up a new trinket at the Tustin flea market. I assure you this is one item that will not show up at any of my shows as a resale item. In May, Ally and I were doing the Tustin Flea Market and the vendor across from us was fostering and attempting to adopt out two kittens. can guess the rest. Ally begged me to let her get one of the kittens for her upcoming birthday. Surprisingly, she called her dad who said OK. So now she is the proud mother of a new kitten she named Emmett. Emmett really gives new meaning to the term "Flea" Market. (He doesn't really have fleas.)

Did I really say I would try to make this short and sweet....

Texas Trip - Home Sweet Home!

Had a wonderful wonderful time attending my nephew's graduation and visiting with all my family. My sister and I had a blast Flea Marketing at Canton and picked up lots of goodies. We were there when it opened and were picking up last minute items as vendors were packing up and we still didn't get through the entire market. I shipped two boxes back and still have more junk that I left at my parents house. One of my favorite items I picked up were these 2 old building drains. They were white, canary yellow and red and had the weathered chippy paint look. I'm so excited to report I'm headed back to Texas again in 2 weeks to go to my 30 year high school reunion (yikes!). Does anyone know how to loose 15 lbs. in 2 weeks?

While in Texas, I also had lunch with my high school journalism teacher, Ann Brannen. We talked as though we were catching up after not seeing each other after just a few months. I'll see her again when I head to Houston in a few weeks. She truly will be a lifelong friend and I only hope my kids end their school years with someone to remember just like her.

La Maison Rustique Barn Sale

I had an opportunity to set up as a vendor at La Maison Rustique's monthly barn sale on June19. If you have not been to Linda Carpenter's monthly barn sale in Temecula, you need to put this outing on your "to do list". La Maison Rustique offers buyers a fantastic selection of unique and must have "junk". After shopping at the barn, you can enjoy a tasty lunch at one of the many winery restaurants. Is there really a better way to spend a day?

Linda is one of the sweetest lady's I've ever met and I am in awe of her talent. I'll send out a reminder for her next show which will not be until August as she is off in July for a well deserved vacation.

Did I say I would keep this short and sweet?? OK...I lied...sorry!

A Day Without Laughter Is A Day Wasted......