Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For...

Like most small business owners, I often wish I could figure out a way to expand my product visibility beyond my immediate flea market shows and store sales. careful what you wish for!

After Heather Bullard so generously featured my pillows on her blog, (just scroll down a bit on her blog) I received numerous inquiries from all over the US (and one from France!) about my pillows. Wish granted! Even more delightful were the compliments everyone sent me about my designs and work. Really an ego boost! The photograph that Heather took of the pillows was AMAZING.(It's not the photo above, you have to go to her blog to see it.) They really never looked so good. Thank you, thank you, thank you Heather. An additional bonus was getting introduced to so many new blogs. I will soon be posting all the blogs I follow, but right now, I need to get busy sewing!

A Perfect Day In Temecula!
Last Friday I spent a really wonderful day in Temecula. It was my friend, Lynda's birthday and while we only get together twice a year (once for her bday and once for mine), it's always fun to see her and catch up. Knowing how much Lynda enjoys the "Junk" world, we headed to Temecula for a full day of shopping. First, we went to the La Maison Rustique barn sale. So many wonderful things to look at and buy! Christie Repasy was there featuring her beautiful floral paintings. What a talent she has. You can contact Christie if you are interested in her paintings at . After our barn sale visit, we headed to see Lynda's friend's store in Temecula, The Farmer's Wife. Cute name, cute store. Her friend's store is located in old town of Temecula and after walking the shops a bit, we sat for lunch. Perfect day full of nonstop catch-up conversation.

There is no place like to Texas.
I'll always consider myself a Texan. I grew up there up until I left for college in CA, my high school mascot was the Longhorn, worked as a waitress at the Longhorn Cafe, (served the best chicken fried steak around!), dance the two step many nights at Gilly's at the height of the Urban Cowboy craze and almost got arrested at a Willie Nelson concert because I used the men's restroom (that is a blog in itself!). Yep, a true Texan. I'm headed home next month for my nephew's graduation and my sister suggested I come home a few days early and we head out to the Canton Flea Market. Yea! She also knows of a few out of the way places she wants to take me. Can't wait. Will have lots of photos to post after my trip. While I'm there, I'm having lunch with my high school journalism teacher, Ann Brannen. Yes, after all these years, we're still in touch and I give her credit for planting the seeds for my love of writing and getting a degree in broadcast journalism.

Helpful Tips....Got a headache? Try cutting a lime in half and rub it on your forehead. (If that doesn't work, maybe try a shot of tequila with the lime - LOL)

Need to do that ever dreaded job of cleaning the toilet. Try dropping in two Alka-Seltzer tablets, wait about twenty minutes, scrub, and flush. The citric acid and effervescent action will clean the toilet.

If you have a helpful hint, send it to me.

Look for me this coming Sunday at the Flea Market at Irvine Valley College! The following Sunday, I'm at Rosebowl. I know it's Mother's Day, but tradtionally, it's a great day at RB!

I once heard a saying that I will now use to close my blogs each time....I do not know who originally said it but am declaring for copyright was not me!

"A day without laughter is a day wasted"....enjoy your week.!


  1. Hello! Fun to visit your blog. I feel like we should know each other...I too am heading to Canton at the end of this month and browse the Rose Bowl Flea when I visit my kids. Love your pillows!!

  2. Love your pillows. They really set a mood! What is it about crowns that we all love!
    Susan from Lake Forest, Illinois

  3. Hi Rose,
    Just popped in to visit your blog after meeting you at the Rose Bowl yesterday.Your booth was beautiful! I will let you know when I get my act together and have a barn sale here in fallbrook. Come say hi at my semi-neglected blog too!! Kristin

  4. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SUCCESS! That is outstanding. The blogging world is a great place and there is so much support out there.
    I wish you continued success and look forward to keeping up with you!

  5. Hi Rose, I found you through Heather Bullard, and I'm so glad I did. BEAUTIFUL PILLOWS!! I am wanting to order a pillow for each of my daughters, great birthday gifts! I will email soon, we are getting ready for The Farm Chicks Show, and its crazy busy...We are new to the Blogging, it is starting to grow on me a little, I see its a great my to connect with like minds.. Blessings to you and your business...Gladys and Celia,

  6. They really are lovely. Quite regal, indeed!