Monday, April 6, 2009

Rain, Rain, Come Any Day...

Except on Sundays!

Since yesterday was the first Sunday of the month, it meant I could only be at one place - selling at the Irvine Valley College Flea Market. Weather plays such a factor in the Flea Market shows. The morning started out a little cool, but by 10 am the sun was shining and everyone was out looking for their next treasure.

This was not the case a few weeks ago when the Tustin show was rained out.

I love the rain! Just not on Sundays since that's the day most of the flea markets are scheduled. My version on "Rain, Rain, Go Away" is "Rain, Rain, Come Any Day - Except Sundays". I welcome the rain and know I will reap the benefits when my hydrangea's are in full bloom in a few months. Yes, I know they don't look like much now...but just wait. Fresh cut flowers are absolutely one of my favorite things. When my hydrangea's bloom, I love filling my house with fresh cuts. I give credit to my very own "Mr. Greenthumb". My husband seems to be able to make anything grow. Two years ago when he planted these roses, I admit was not happy. I had asked for all white cottage roses. Now, I have to fess up that I love it when I walk out to my car and see another beautiful rose that is just about to go full bloom. Yes, I recently made a point of telling "Mr. Greenthumb" that he was right and I love the roses. (He did eventually plant my white cottage roses last year in a different area of our front yard!) Flowers are one of the simple things that make me stop, smell the roses and just give thanks for all good things I have in my life. So today I encourage you to cut some fresh cut flowers from your yard or pick up a bundle from Trader Joe's and take a moment to stop, smell the roses and be thankful for all the wonderful things in your life.

Now back to where I started....Sunday's Irvine Valley Flea Market....thanks to all of you who stopped in! I appreciate all your kind words of how much you enjoy my booth. I'm so proud of the way my burlap crown chair came out. It was purchased by a store sight unseen! Definitely will be making more as everyone at the show loved it. I'm leaving a photo on the blog of Chelsea in the vintage dress since so many of you commented on it. I've decided for now not to sell it and just use it for a few more show displays. No doubt, it'll be for sell eventually, like so many of the other things I love and think I have to hold on to.

Still to come...

More crown pillows are in the works with a new crown design, along with new burlap pillows and chairs that will feature an alphabet letter, a number and french phrases. Since I barely passed my college French classes, I'm open to suggestions for phrases. I just don't want to do the everyday "Bonjour" "Merci" and so on. Send me an email if you have a suggestion! I'll send out a Blog message when I get some of the new items completed and also feature them on the site.

I also want to start featuring women who I think are amazing. Whether they are fellow junkers, designers, crafters or philanthropist...I want to share these talented women with you. The first person I want to tell you about is my good friend Linda Karnoff. Linda and her husband, Mike have been doing the Flea Markets for over 10 years. If you like my "junk" you will LOVE Linda and Mike's. Mike does an amazing job refurbishing or touching up the furtniture and Linda's taste, style and eye for the unique is hard to match! Linda recently started designing and selling these ADORABLE chicken wire crowns -- SO SO CUTE and a must have!!! You can contact Linda at to see how you can purchase one of her crowns. Not sure if you can see the details on the crown. Some are adorned with vintage tinsel and baubles!

I'm still working on getting my blog design the way I really want it, but in between shuttling 3 kids, my freelance marketing clients, sewing pillows and redoing furniture, I'm afraid I'm not making much progress. Please feel free to post your comments. I welcome reading them. Have a great week!


  1. OMG, so that is what you have been busy doing. I love your blog page it is awesome...we need to get together and compare notes on some amazing women. Bonne Chance! Maybe you can use this for one of your pillow slogans? :)


  2. Hi there,
    I hate rain on Sundays too!
    I have been making chicken wire crowns for about 2 years now. They are fun!
    I have one on my blog right now if you want to see it. I love using chicken wire.
    Love my pillow by the way!!
    Chat again soon,

  3. I found you through Heather Bullard and all I can say is WOW. I love your pillows and would love a monogrammed one. My suggestion for your new french inscribed would be the french word for "cottage". Merci!

  4. I couldn't see how to email you, but i have a few suggestions for words for your pillows.
    Je T'aime ( I love you)
    Maison de vie (Cottage living)
    famille heureuse (happy home)
    Mon Ami (my friend)
    Ma Maison (my home)
    la joie de la vie (the joy of life)
    Hope this is helpful. If you google translator, you can find an English to French translator tool to help you out.


  5. Hi, Rose! I saw your awesome pillows on Heather's site. They are truly amazing. A perfect look. I'm a Texas girl. I live in Abilene (west tx). Keep up the great work! I'll be thinking of where I can put a pillow(s)... Oh, and your kids are beautiful.

  6. Good Morning Rose. I found your site from HB's also. LOVE THE CROWN, I think those are so neat. Also read your bio and see that you and I share another thing in common, GONE WITH THE WIND and YAYA SISTERHOOD, both books so much better than the movies. Bon adventure with your pillows. Stop by the farmhouse for a visit sometimes. We love company!

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  8. You have beautiful pillows! I am a Tustin gal, and will have to make it out to one of your booths very soon. (Maybe the next Irvine Valley College show?)

    I met Linda Karnoff at the Long Beach Antique Fair a few weeks ago (she and Mike are friends of my family). Such a small world!

    Anyway, so nice to "meet" you. I will keep an eye out for your booth!

  9. P.S. - Sorry that Ruby Rose comment was made by me, by mistake. I realized I was signed in as a client (and not as myself), so I deleted it.

  10. Beautiful cushions...I loved them so much
    Hugs Lynnxxx