Friday, February 26, 2010

I've fallen off the wagon!

I admit I've fallen off the wagon...the blogging wagon that is! My friend asked me last week if I was ever going to update my blog again...Like many bloggers, I'm very visual. I tend to over think how I want my blog entry to layout before I start writing it. New resolution (notice I didn't say New Year's Resolution)...don't over think it...just do it! Note: Scroll down for next Give Away details!

Two new features I would like to add to my site are "A Little Piece of My World" and Did you know.... "A Little Piece of My World" is going to be a photo of just about ANYTHING that touches a piece of my world. Did you know... is going to be a little tidbit about myself at the end of my blog that you may not know about me.

My first "A Little Piece of My World"...

Yes, this is a picture of my driveway. Lovely, huh? Well 2 weeks ago that driveway and I became especially close (literally). As I was taking something out of my car, I turned around to walk towards my house. I somehow tripped and went flying across my driveway. I landed on my left side and after a week of pain I decided I better go to the Dr. I had cracked a rib! Still recuperating.

OK, I know Christmas 2009 seems like forever ago, but again, I'm doing catch up so please indulge me.

Christmas in Texas was wonderful. Both of my parents come from large families and almost everyone still lives close by in Houston. Whoever said "You can't go home again" hadn't met my family. Everyone was excited that we were in town with the kids and everyone wanted us to come by for a visit. My husband said he felt like we were on The Amazing Race, racing from one relatives home to another. The best visit though was with my parents, sister, brother, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and nieces and nephews. My sister and her husband really went out of their way to host a wonderful holiday. Thank you Kathy and Jimmy.

Doesn't my 17 year old son look thrilled with his reindeer ears on?

Didn't have much time to flea market, but can you believe I found this church pew discarded by the shed of an old old church that is being refurbished. I called the Pastor and he said I was welcome to have it! Score! Well, that was until when we went back to pick it up and discovered it was 12 feet long! Somehow we manged to get it back to my sister's house and my dad is going to cut it in half and repair it for me!

Views from my sister's backyard...a long way from my Orange County bubble and I loved it.I love the bird flying so peacefully in this photo.
Enjoying a sunset from my sister's backyard...

A day at my sister's friend's farm.
My kids were having such a good time they never check their cell phones for text messages. A perfect day indeed.

My sister made this scarecrow for her her pearl necklace and lovely purse.

There is a reason they say "Never say Never" and I learned the hard way. While I had recently started adding jewelry as a new flea market item in my booth, I NEVER thought I would be making the gems! Never say Never! I am having SO MUCH FUN designing and making new jewels to sell at my shows.
In honor my new baubles....I'm planning a Give Away. Leave a comment and you'll be entered in a drawing for one of my new necklaces! Deadline: March 15.

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover! Well maybe...

They say "Don't judge a book by its cover", I have a confession...lately, that is exactly what I have been doing..sort of. I've recently collected some wonderful old books that I was simply drawn to because of their covers. They have that old book smell, with worn pages and tattered bindings.

I love the simple cover of this Bird book with it's single feather. Still working on getting that darn label off!

Here are 2 French books that my daughters want to keep.
This is one of my favorites - a 4th grade reading book. The inside has scribble written in it most likely by it's owner, a young girl name Dorothy.
I imagine the stars are from her teacher for completing reading assignments.
How about this 1916 Webster Dictionary?
I found this collection of 1967 Dr. Doolittle books.

OK, so I think I'm back on the blogging wagon and caught up for now....

In keeping with my book first Did you know....relates to literacy....
Did you know....
I had the opportunity to meet Barbara Bush when George Bush Sr. was serving as Vice President. She came to the radio station I was working at to promote her pet project of literacy.

Hope to see you at the Irvine Market this many new goodies to share.