Monday, June 21, 2010

The Right White

I need your help. Right after we moved into our house 8 years ago, I painted my bedroom Restoration Hardware's Latte color. It's time for a complete makeover. I want my room to look fresh so I want to paint it white. But I want a white that has just a hint of grayish hue to it. Still white, but not too white. I’m terrible at picking out colors.
Do any of you have a white paint that you used in the past and really liked?

There are so many different shades of white and here are just a few as you walk through my house....

Please leave me a comment if you have a suggestion for a good white for my bedroom!

A Little Piece Of My World….

I hosted Senior Bunco last Friday night. No, not the AARP kind ... I invited a group of moms who all had a son or daughter graduating from high school this year. (Not only do I not really know how to play bunco, I don't particularly enjoy it, so it was really about getting together!)

My “rules” for attending were:
1) You had to wear something that represented the college your senior was going to attend.

2) The cost was $5 and who ever won had to pledge to give their winnings to their starving college son or daughter.

3) You also had to bring a $15 wrapped item that a college student could use while in college. At the end of the night, we all randomly picked one of the "giveaways" to give to our son or daughter.

I hosted dinner and drinks and everyone provided the fun. The best part of the evening was the mix of moms who came. We had moms from 5 different high schools. And I think everyone enjoyed trading notes with other moms (outside of our individual immediate circles) about the who, what and wheres of kids going to the college. The night really was more about socializing with a little bunco on the side.

Here is a recap of the night.

My table center piece was a chalkboard with a little poem I came up with..

We all knew this day would one day come, Their senior year is almost done!

As the saying goes "They're just about to fly the nest", So wipe the tears and know you've done your best.

In the near future we can only hope for a text here and there on our cell phones,

But hopefully while they're at college, they'll realize There is No Place Like Home!

Teresa won the prize for best school spirit. You can't really see her bee outfit, but she represented her son, Taylor, who is off to Georgia Tech - mascot being the Hornet! Michelle's son is off to University of Colorado!

I'm so glad my friend April (on the right) drove down from Orange. We met when our boys were 3 years old and were attending Chapman University's Child Development Preschool. They were best buddies for many years.

Michell's son will be off to Cal. State Fullerton next year. Go Titans...My old stomping grounds.
Cynthia, posing with my daughter Chelsea, shows off her Bruins spirit as her son goes off to UCLA! (He also got accepted to Norte Dame!)

Pam represented her son's college choice of Northern Arizona University where their mascot are the Lumberjacks!

Julie is so proud of her daughter who will be off to Austin College in Texas.

Jenny's son will be off to Colorado State University, Fort Collins and Julie's
son will be off to Baylor!

That's me in the corner wearing my Cal Poly hat while Janelle in the other corner didn't have any spiritwear to show off her son's choice to go to UC Santa Clara!
The $15 College Student Giveaway! Some people were very creative with their ideas.

Mine was a $15 ITunes gift card.

Aviva opening her son's Alex's college giveaway from Jenny.

Cynthia showing off her son's gift of dorm supplies.

Who knows where the road will lead our sons and daughters in the future, but for now these women all share a little piece of my world and I am so proud of each and everyone of their sons and daughters. Some I know better than others, but it really doesn't matter. It may sound like a cliche, but it's true, as moms, we share a common bond. We watched our kids take their first steps as babies, walk into their classroom on the first day of school and now take giant steps as they venture to the next part of their lives.

Thank you ladies for sharing a little piece of my world.


The Urban Barn Flea Market is this Friday, June 25 & Saturday, June 26, 9:00-5:00 both days. Head out to Escondido and enjoy a warehouse of “Industrial meets Vintage Pretty”.

The Grand Opening is next month and it truly will be GRAND. Lots of guest vendors.

Here is Urban Barn owner Linda Carpenter. There is nothing not to love about her. She is as kind as she is pretty and someone who is always ready to share a laugh.

Have a great rest of the week and remember... A Day Without Laughter Is A Day Wasted!


  1. Hi Rose
    Congrats on your graduate!!! I love the bunco party theme very creative and fun!!! I see a frame that looks familiar:) Glad you got that, one of my favs. Hope you are doing well, I sure miss you. I'm sure one of these ladies has an amazing white paint color to share. Have a wonderful week!

    Love Kate

  2. Hi Rose,
    Congratulations to you and your graduate, Riley!!! Have a wonderful time at graduation and enjoy every minute.
    Looking forward to catching up with you soon after all the celebrating.
    Your post is, as usual, wonderful! And yes, I may have a white paint color you might like.

    Enjoy and hope to see you soon!