Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Take Time To Smell The Hydrangeas

My hydrangeas are in full bloom and I just love them. This is the first season I've actually gotten the blue ones to bloom...

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. The Irvine Valley Flea Market was last Sunday, 4th of July. Fortunately, the BBQ’s we were invited to didn’t start until 5 pm, so I thought “Why not do the show?” Since there were a number of vacant vendor spots and the customers were far and few in the early morning, I thought "Hummm, maybe this wasn’t such a great idea after all."

But I love doing the flea markets and thought worst case scenario - I’ll just pack up early. Boy did things turn around! From 8:30 on, I had customers in my booth and it turned out to be an INCREDIBLE day! Sold lots of treasure and many of my favorite customers came by to wish me a Happy 4th….(Kate, Tara, Cheryl, Cathy, Mary….) (Also welcome Sheri Rathor to the Junk world.!) Making the day even better was that my daughter Chelsea, who almost always has soccer on Sundays was able to come & work the show with me. I love doing the shows with my daughters! They are so much help and I just love spending the time with them.

These photos from my booth look a little sparse because so much sold before I actually had time to snap photos. But here’s a few.

It was a great 4th with the day ending by going over to our friends the Ruths for a quick bit of 4th of July cheer, then on to our good friend the Estes’ for a BBQ and then to the lake for fireworks. We had the pleasure of having Art and his wife, Cathy, come down for the BBQ and fireworks. Many of you know Art, who is the dealer next to me at Irvine Valley Flea Market.

Thelma and Louise…

A.K.A. Rose & Cheryl

I need your help again. (Thanks to those of you who emailed me with the suggestion of white paint colors.)

My good friend Cheryl and I are planning a road trip. I get to be Thelma and have made her be Louise! (Hey,Louise gets Brad Pitt!) We’re headed to Northern California to do a little antiquing. We don’t have any real idea where to go. We just want to head out and are open to all suggestions….do you know of any small towns we should stop at, any great shops or any Saturday Flea Markets? If so, please leave me a comment on any towns we should try to incorporate into our trip.

Don’t forget…Urban Barn is having their official 3 day Grand Opening Friday, July 16- Sunday, July 18…. I hope you’ll be able to come by one of the days. My space at the Urban Barn is the corner space right in front the register area. I’m usually pretty easy to identify by my pillows. Hope to see you there.

Pomp and Circumstance

I promise this will be my last blog about graduation (at least until my next one graduates in 3 years).
Well, Riley’s graduation was quite a memorable day. Yes, Riley graduated with all the pomp and circumstance…but little did he know all the drama that was going on while he was preparing to walk the stadium. Here’s the cliff note version…my mother-in-law, who flew in from Florida, passed out while walking up the stadium to her seat. She had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. My husband, of course, had to go with her….HE MISSED THE ENTIRE GRADUATION. Yes, my mother-in-law is fine. After a battery of test, the Dr. believes she passed out due to a combination of some medication she was on, the heat and dehydration. While we were a little shaken and distracted during the graduation ceremony, it was still a day/event that I will always hold close to my heart.

Riley giving us the thumbs up!

Riley and his girlfriend Sara. Too cute! My kids never miss an opportunity to ham it up!

The official throwing of the hats!

Paul made it at the very very end of taking pictures so we were able to get one family shot.

I added 2 new blogs to my sidebar "I Heart These Blogs".
Salvagedior.blogspot.com is posted by my friend Kate. We decided we were meant to be friends since we met by chance when she was setting up her booth at Country Roads and just immediately clicked. She is truly one of the sweetest people you will meet. I'm jealous of her decorating talents..not to mention how incredibly pretty she is!!

Sheila at http://www.tatteredgoods.blogspot.com/ is another blog I've always enjoyed checking in with since I met her at one of Linda Carpenter's Barn Sale last year. She's also a sweetie.

Enjoy and remember, a Day Without Laughter Is A Day Wasted!


  1. Hi Rose
    I am so blessed to be a part of your life. Thank you for your friendship it warms my heart everyday. Everything you displayed at Irvine was incredible, and I was so delighted to meet one of your beautiful daughters.

    Much love and hugs to you

  2. Hey Rose!
    Great meeting you yesterday! And thanks for visiting my blog! I just updated it with pics from the Flea Market and mentioned your great booth on there and linked over to your blog! Hope you'll tell you friends about "The Hillside Home." See you at the Market! :)