Thursday, November 18, 2010

When do you start your holiday decorating?

Went to the Urban Barn today for a long over due little extreme makeover. What is the official date to start accessorizing for Christmas...hummm, do you have a specific date? I added a touch here and there of holiday cheer with more to come after Thanksgiving.

Special thanks to my BFF Cheryl who gave up a full day to go down with me and help rearrange, price, clean and just all around be of great help! Lots of new goodies with a silver palette.

Couldn't resist adding some sprinkles of the christmas mom made these adorable heart ornaments in all types of fabrics.

A holiday wish....

New candy cane stripe Joy pillow...and sweet little red vintage bird cage.

I love to use shimmery silver all year, but especially at Christmas...hints of sparkles

Cheryl did this whole display - sorry this pic only shows a bit of the wonderful job she did.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Extra hugs today.


  1. Fabulous!...and what a great BFF you have!

  2. Can't wait to get back down to the Urban Barn and see your goodies. Speaking of decorating for Christmas.... pulled out the 'ol tree today and fancied her up. This cool weather puts me in the mood! Love it!
    :) Amber

  3. Hi Rose, Love all the silver glitz...your space looks fabulous!! Hope to see you soon!'s almost Christmas!
    P.S. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Good question about when to decorate. I always thought it was almost blasphemy to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but this year we have extra time off from school, and the weather is so wintry...I am tempted to start early. Maybe we'll get a fresh tree this weekend - I usually worry about it dying before Christmas if we get it so early. Anyway -love your blog, especially the story of the lost and found pew! Carol

  5. Oh how i wish i could shop the Urban Barn! I'd be picking up everything in your section! it's all so beautiful