Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Every Chair Has A Story...

My old red ticking wingback chair has been sitting in my garage for several years. I bought it years ago from Bungalow in Laguna Beach. I recently had it slipcovered. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it. Just keep recovering as needed.

It reminds me of when Julie and I first started doing the Flea Market shows. We’d get so excited over our new finds. Wonderful memories.
This is my favorite chair at the moment…it’s my desk chair in my bedroom. A thrift store find. I lovvve it. It’s a crushed teal blue velvet with a jacquard swirl design. This blue is the accent in my bedroom which is light gray and white.

OK…Green apple Directors chair? This is in my office. I really wanted to think outside the box when I was redoing this room (that room will be another blog story to come…). So I used Apple Green as the accent color in my office. (It doesn't look quite so apple green in this pic.)

I just picked up this lovely shabby chic chair. No story other than I still lovvvve Rachel’s original shabby fabric. I’m selling it at the Flea Markets. Maybe no one will buy it and I get to keep it! Be careful what you wish for.

See Spot Run. Run Spot Run!

Two weeks ago, I felt like Spot…run, run, run…the week leading up to the weekend of Feb.25-27 was so crazy, you could only laugh about it.

I have been working on an event since last November and it was finally happening on Sunday,February 27. No sweat right. I've only had 4 months to plan every detail of it. Well, we all know what happens when we think we’re in charge of life….when setting the date for the event, I didn't realize the Saturday night before was Winter Formal for Chelsea.
If you have or have had a teenage daughter, then you know the weeks before are all about hitting every store possible to find the PERFECT dress (and of course one, that no one else has!), shoes, deciding on how to wear your hair and do your make-up. And then the day of the formal, there is the pre-gathering at someone’s home, then pictures, then waiting for the limo bus to arrive, then worrying all night that they are safe, then there’s the after party at someone’s home (yes, we always call and speak to the parents if we don’t know them), and then a sleepover at someone’s home! Just a few little extra details to add to the weekend of my event. But wait it gets better!

Our son Riley called me mid February asking me if 14 of his Fraternity brothers , from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, could stay at our house that same weekend. There was a national event happening for his Fraternity in San Juan Capistrano and we were the family that lived closest to San Juan. And yes, of course, we will host breakfast on Saturday morning.
Honestly, I couldn’t make this up if I tried….Believe it or not, I really wasn’t that stressed as it was all happening. My friend Christielynn calls her blog, “House of Blessings”. I love that and that is exactly how I felt that weekend. My life and home are blessed with a wonderful family and some incredible friends.
In the end, Riley’s frat brothers all arrived safely and didn’t seem to mind our blow-up motel.

Chelsea looked beautiful and had a wonderful time at SM’s Winter Formal. The dress looked perfect on her 5"9.5 height frame....Cute date!

Ally went to her good friend Claire’s bday party and Claire loved her vintage mannequin that Ally gave her for her bday. (Forgot to take a photo of how cute the mannequin came out after we tea stained it)

And me…. well, my event went great with almost 200 people in attendance. Here are Terry and Karen, who held my hand every step of the way for the event. I love you gals!

Yes, life is good, God is great!


  1. Hi Rose,
    Love the pic of the blowup beds...classic! It is my hope that when Dane (age 9) returns home from college he brings his friends and my living room looks the same. Thanks for sharing! Great seeing you on Sunday.

  2. Hi Rose,
    It looks like my house used to look when the college boys got together here. Love the pictures! Your post is wonderful!
    I am suffering from flea market withdrawal and need a fix soon!

    Hope to catch up for an quick lunch.


  3. Hi Rose,
    Love your blog so much and always look forward to reading it. So funny about your weekend...but it seems like all went great! I want that slipcover chair - love it!

  4. Wow Rose! Where do I start?
    First let me say that Chelsea looks gorgeous and, yes, her date is quite the cutie. I love your teal blue chair, that is also the accent color in my whole house. I had a beautiful blue chair in my BR once but I had to leave it behind in Indiana. :( I am in awe the you handled so many events and house guests on an already busy weekend and didn't lose your mind in the process. Way to go!!!

    BTW you look very fanciful in your little black dress and flower pin. :)


  5. Looks like a wonderful time! Chelsea looks so cute! Yes, life is good!