Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Made You Smile Today?

For me.....

My Dad...aka...Superman

My heart was smiling all morning after my mom called and 
said my dad came out of surgery with flying colors. 
There is still that nasty radiation to come in the next few months, but in my eyes and heart, he is Superman and will show that cancer just who its messing with!

 This watercolor is one of my favorite paintings that my dad has painted for me.
He is an amazing artist.
This painting makes me smile every time I look at it.

Vintage Purse
Who couldn't smile at the site of this vintage spring purse. Cheryl picked up this little gift for me at a garage sale last weekend! Look at the colors in the designs..coral ( currently featured in every magazine as the "it" color for spring/summer), ice blue and soft cream.  Smiles.

Easter Bunnies
My Easter decorations make me smile. 
 Look at my little bunnies...ready to hop out of the box and bring smiles to our home.

Spring flowers = Smiles

My little mix of lavender, shamrocks and poppies

My Easter lilies are coming into bloom in my backyard.

So, what made you smile today?

I look forward to seeing your smiling faces this Sunday. I will be at my normal spot for the The Groves show, better known as the Irvine Valley College show.


  1. I will pray for "Superman's" speedy recovery :o)


  2. Dear Princess Rose
    So happy to hear about the success of the surgery for your dad. Praying for comfort and rest as her prepares for the next few months. Have a beautiful week ahead


  3. So happy your dad came through surgery with flying colors. Praying for your family and his speedy recovery!
    Your dad is an amazing artist...you obviously get your creativity from him.
    Take care and see you at The Groves!

  4. Hi Rose,
    I am so thankful your Dad made it out of surgery okay. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. My Mom went through cancer last year with chemo and radiation and now she is cancer free! I was so sorry that i missed meeting you at Glitterfest. Do you usually sell at Long Beach? If so I'll have to come and meet you there!
    Have a lovely day, oh, and I love your new blog, it's fabulous!!!