Monday, July 25, 2011

Show and Tell

Remember "Show and Tell" in elementary school?
The excitement when you were sure you had the BEST-EST item to share with the class
 (I know best-est is not really a word, but it works for me!) 
the ANXIETY when you didn't feel like you had an item to show and tell!

Well, I'm excited to "Show and Tell" some of the treasures 
I will bringing to my upcoming shows and flea markets.

This old iron stand has been sitting in my garage forever.
 Cheryl suggested making it into a laundry bag.
Perfect idea.  I love the way it came out.
I stenciled and added a "laundry" tag to the bag.
Anyone for a gray chippy paint crown wall hanging?

My new "Show and Tell" mannequins.
My little gal on a stand still needs a little dolling up
and my manly man mannequin definitely needs a a bow tie

How about these little goodies....hand lotions, hand soap and...

Some linen sprays.
A collection of new chandeliers and ...
A vintage french chair  will be showing up at the markets.

Who will be able to resist these crown candles? 
New rosary necklaces are in process of being designed, 
 highlighted with this wonderful blue vintage carry on travel suitcase.  
I purchased some lavender from sweet Amber at Black Rooster Cottage
and plan to make some little sachet bags.
Show and Tell - Beautiful floral picture accented by one of my dried hydrangeas.
Ally and I have been sewing a collection of new flea market bags -
Pick your favorite one...Bags starting at $12!

I'm excited to "Show and Tell" some new furniture and table runners at the shows...
Be sure to stop by IVC, Rosebowl or Long Beach Flea Market.

I'll also be showcasing at The Oaks and Three Speckle Hens in September and October.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

What is on your Gift List?

At the start of the summer, my friend Kim Moller (the Queen of Craiglist finds) invited me to be part of women’s small group where we would read and discuss the book, “One Thousand Gifts”.

She organized the group to meet at 7 am on Tuesday mornings at Starbucks. Hummm, my first thoughts were “Isn’t summer about sleeping in and I don’t even drink coffee." But I said, “Sure, why not?

This small group is turning out to be the highlight of my summer. Our 6 week conversation is the perfect mix of bible study, book club and life reflection. I am honored to spend my Tuesday mornings with these 9 women, most of whom I have just met.  Each lady humbling sharing her most genuine thoughts and words of encouragement.

“One Thousand Gifts”, written by Ann Voskamp, takes us through the author’s journey to recognize that God is grace for all things in our lives. Voskamp is challenged by a friend to make a list of 1,000 things she is thankful for. Like many of us, sure, she is already thankful for many of God’s gifts (family, friends, good health…). But what about all the other treasures Gods gives us that we either fail or don’t have make time to  praise them.

In “One Thousand Gifts”, the reader is reminder that Learning and Practicing to give thanks for ALL God’s grace is different than just being thankful when things are good or convenient. And it isn’t always easy to be thankful when things aren’t going well.

Voskamp refers to her list as the Gift list … She writes “The gift list is thinking upon His goodness”. She reminds us that God’s gifts come in all shapes, sizes, and formations. From Voskamp’s list…

#243. Clean sheets smelling like wind
#244. Hot oatmeal tasting like home
#245. Bare toes in early light

At our first gathering, Kim gave us each a notebook to journal our Gift List.  She reminded us that the entry number doesn’t reflect the priority of our thanks nor the value. Just  to“Give Thanks”. I’m learning to take time to make my entries and not let the craziness of life over shadow my need to practice thanks.

Entry # 5 for me: The Gift of being part of this small group.

Entry #20: Blogging my thoughts

What is on your Gift list?