Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Give Thanks

Even though Thanksgiving was only a few weeks ago, it's a bit of a blur with all that has gone following the incredible feast my husband prepared.
I'm so thankful to have had my Mom, Dad and niece visiting us for Thanksgiving.

We skipped pumpkin pie this year and had this delicious tiramisu cake! It was YUMMY!
I think my table setting should be the November cover of a magazine next year - ha!
The Thanksgiving holidays were filled with turkey dinner,  Black Friday shopping, (yes, my niece, Ally and I did the whole Target midnight run thing) and a soccer tournament in San Diego Friday and Saturday.

While Paul and my mom were busy in the kitchen, the girls, my niece and I all contributed to getting the table ready for dinner.
I always pull out my vintage monogram napkins for special occasions and holidays.
I found these at a thrift store years ago which had the "C" for my last name on them.
 Our simple place settings.
My festive centerpiece.
Here's Paul preparing Chelsea's vegetarian tofurkey dinner.
I know - it looks frightening, but Trader Joes makes this tofurkey that is stuffed with stuffing and has a dressing that makes it somewhat edible for her.
My mom with 2 of her granddaughters just before we sit down for dinner. 
What's Thanksgiving without a soccer tournament all weekend?
All of Friday and Saturday were spent on the field watching Chelsea's team

My dad, niece, Tiffany and mom riding home from soccer in San Deigo.
We were all cold and tired.
Guess how old my niece is?  While she looks 18, 19, 20?  She's 27!
It's starting to look a lot like Christmas...
Before I could catch my breath, it was time to get ready for The Vintage Oaks show.

Since I was working the booth alone, I didn't get to walk around much and take pictures from other people's booth. But trust me, there were some amazing booths and decorations.  
Here are some photos from my space.

More Christmas photos to come  -- Happy Holidays.!

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  1. Rose, it was fun chatting with you at the Vintage Market Place. May I say your booth was one of the best looking @ You had the best holiday decor!
    Wishing you and your family the Happiest & Blessed Holiday Season.
    Wishes & Kisses!