Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hearts and Heartache

Welcome to February, friends. This month I send you 28 days of “heart “ felt pleasures and blessings.

Today I share with you a few of my “heart”felt loves and one very deep “heart”ache.

Straight from the heart

I’m not really big on “theme” pillows, but I came up with a few V-day pillows to sell. All the burlap V-day pillows are $35 with the down insert and $20 without. Just contact me if you're interested in getting one. (They're ready to ship.)

I'm loving the red ticking stripe ticking pillows in the back. (This is not a burlap pillow) They can be used all year long.

A Different Kind of heart…a broken one

Many of you remember meeting my little Flea Market kitty, Emmett, We got him in May 2009 from a dealer at the Tustin Flea Market who was volunteering for a cat rescue.

When he didn’t come home for dinner last week my daughter and I went to look for him. We found he had been hit by a car. We rushed him to the vet, but he died. I truly thought my heart was going to break.

Do not be fooled by this sweet and innocent face. He was fearless even as a kitten. He was a roamer who ran out the front door every chance he got. He learned how to opened the cabinet where his food was kept and figured out that if he swatted at his food long enough, he could get it to spill all over the floor and he could eat until his heart content.

He was a cat that thought he was a dog. He and our border collie had a love/hate relationship and would play fight until someone gave up. It was usually our border collie. Here are the two of them just resting together.

He would run for his life when he knew he was in trouble for picking on our other cat, Brinkley. I call this his mug shot.
But he always won our hearts over every time we picked him up and he instantly starting purring. I know many people will say…he was just a cat. Maybe so, I will miss his mischief and unconditional love greatly.

OK, tears all wiped.

Follow Your Heart…

It’s been almost a year since I opened my space at the Urban Barn. I remember how torn I was whether or not to leave Country Roads. I loved being there and truly loved the owner Sue and her team. But in the end, I followed my heart which took me to the Urban Barn.

It’s been a wonderful journey. Linda Carpenter is the real heart beat behind the Urban Barn and someone I’m glad to call my friend. She has recently gone into partnership with Linda Kurry and with Linda K’s addition, I see wonderful things ahead for the UB. I call them“The Lindas.”

Make it a point to get to the Urban Barn if you have not already visited this wonderland of vintage treasures. Here are pics of my space and of a few fellow vendors.

A touch of pink for the month of February.

Don't you love my industrial index files? They are so heavy!

I'm stocking lots of pillows at the UB.

Here's Linda Kurry in her space with her beautiful daughter who is also working at UB.

Like mother, like daughter!

Here is Deb's space next to mine. She always has wonderful items to pick from.

I heart her little rustic table!

Have a wonderful week and give your pets an extra hug this week!