Monday, September 17, 2012

Define BFF?

 Define BFF?  Is it the family member you often take for granted, a new acquaintance who you adore and believe will be in your life forever, the unexpected friend that develops out of business or maybe the friend who played a significant role in your life in the past, and no matter how many months or years go by without seeing each other, it seems no time has past at all the next time you do see or talk to each other.  I say a BFF is all of the above and so much more.  

I believe friends come into our lives for a reason, and whether their friendship last a short time
 or life time, each one is a gift in its own unique way.

I couldn't start this blog without mentioning our friends, the Matthews family. When my son Riley was 4 years old and attending Chapman University's Child Development Center, he became BFF's with a little boy name Scott Matthews. Soon the Matthews family (April and Todd) and our family were inseparable. As the boys got older, life took us down different paths and now some 16 years later April and I still share a phone call once or twice a year.  So when she called me several weeks ago, I initially thought it was just our annual catch up call. Then she told me Todd had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Not a day goes by now without a memory sneaking into my day of those years of kid sleepovers, trick or treating together, swim days, t-ball.....The Matthews family holds such a special place in my heart, and right now they need friends and friends of friends praying for Todd's health. 

It's been really fun watching my daughters become friends in a new way since going to high school. This summer took them to a leadership camp together.  I hope their bond will just grow stronger and stronger as they grow into adulthood.

A real highlight of the summer was the vacation my husband and I took to Cancun.  
At first I felt REALLY guilty about planning this trip without my kids, but my friend Debbie Watts was the first person to say (with so much care and sincerity),"Rose, you work REALLY hard. You deserve this trip with your husband.  You should go and not feel guilty at all!" 
Soon those same sentiments were echoed by all of my family and friends.  

 So off Paul and I went to Cancun to enjoy lots of R and R,

 lunch at the pool,

late night evening spirits,

 and above all else, a rekindled friendship.

Summer time always means birthday time for Ally.

So many of you have watched her grow up over the years as she has come out and helped me at the markets. Hard to believe she is 15 and a sophomore in high school. 

This year's celebration was an invitation for her friends to get a little dressed up 
and enjoy dinner at a local restaurant.

All of these girls are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside!

Ally and some of her BFF's. 

Another one of her BFF's - my sweet Brooklyn.

Let's face it girls, no matter how cute the dress is - it's really about the shoes!

In the blink of an eye, the summer months were over and September was here. The girls went back to school, my son completed his summer internship, prepared to leave for his fall semester study abroad program in Spain,

and I got ready for the Vintage Oaks "Rustic Romance" show.
I am so lucky to have met some wonderful friends through this crazy flea market world.
Together we relate to one another in a way that only junkers can do.

(My next blog will be a recap of the Vintage Oaks show)

One last happening this summer was my decision to leave my space at The Urban Barn. 
My decision was strictly based on the need to cut back!  Linda Carpenter, owner of The Urban Barn, has an amazing talent for putting together an eye candy store of refurbished goods. Over the years,  Linda has continuously offered her friendship to me in all my endeavors and for that gift, I will always wish her and The Urban the greatest success!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

An Invitation to the porch

It's still early and the house is quiet with the girls sleeping and my son and husband off to work.  I steal this time to grab some juice, my laptop, and head out to my porch.  Nothing says California summer more than being outdoors and my porch, accented with white iron rusty chairs, comfy down filled pillows and chippy paint urns, provides the perfect place to create a post that links to the wonderful Kathleen's White Wednesday at Faded Charm.

In just a few hours this time of sitting on my porch and taking in the surroundings of white english roses growing wildly out of control, hydrangeas bursting into bloom and old glory standing tall and proud, will be long gone. The fresh air will melt away into a typical summer day of daily tasks...driving Ally to tennis lessons, picking up Ally from tennis lessons, driving her to a friend's house, picking her up from the friend's house, stopping by the grocery store, preparing dinner...

And even though the morning serenity will be gone before I know it, I look forward to heading back to the porch later in the evening with a glass of wine to take in the last moments of this long summer sunlight day. I hope you will join me on my porch this Wednesday morning or evening as I link up with #158 White Wednesday.

One of my favorite items on my porch is this Rose Cottage sign which was a gift from my friend Rita, of Mammabellarte .  She designs and creates a wonderful selection of signs in every shape, size and saying.
A must have for everyone!

Happy Wednesday!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Decoration Day

Please join me in taking a moment to remember what Memorial Day is really all about.  
Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day 
is about remembering those who have died in our nation's service.  
To all men and women who have served in any of the armed forces,
 and especially to those who gave their life, thank you.

There is no easy way to transition from Memorial Day to the other part of my blog entry 
which was just an update on some new goods I took to my Urban Barn space. 
So I think I'll just leave you with some pictures of my Urban Barn redo.
Yes, I'm still crazy about the Tiffany blue color.

Last but not least, I have The Oaks show coming up this Friday and Saturday.  
I've dubbed my booth theme "Sea la Vie" for this show-
 a wonderful mix of summer time beach accents with a twist of french flare.
This is such a great show set within a backdrop of wonderful Oak trees.  
Hope you will come out!  You will not be disappointed.
I will be posting some photos later this week on my Tarnished Crown facebook page previewing some of the items that will be at the show......
Join my facebook page at:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coming Up Roses on Mother's Day

Before I give you a recap of last Sunday's Rosebowl ....I want to say how proud I am to be the mother of 3 AMAZING kids.  How is it possible that they are now 20, 17 & 14?  I love how each one of you are creating your own individual life journey.  Thank you girls and Paul for making the evening so special! Our dinner out for Mother's Day was a perfect way to end the weekend, although the family outing was not complete without  Riley (who is away at college) there.

Mother's Day 2012
I am in awe of each one of you. Happy Mother's Day to me (and to all of you)!

And speaking of Mother's Day - Mother's Day always falls on Rosebowl Sunday.
I couldn't remember if last year was a good day for selling.
Note to self for next year: Mother's Day GREAT DAY for selling!

Tons of people out enjoying the beautiful day and lots of moms shopping with their families!  

Not much to pack up at the end of the day!

These incredible chairs were purchased by the sweetest young couple
who also purchased 2 side tables that I had to go with them.

Chicken coop cage as a coffee table.

Old Glory sold.

Lady Ga Ga (my statue's name) went to a mom who laughed
and said "gotta have her"!

Yes, the vintage fan still works!

Vintage games...who remembers Password?

You may recognize these three adorable girls from an earlier  posting.
They are always out shopping the shows with their mom.  Could they be any cuter!
I have lots of great shows and things coming up over the next few months so stayed tune!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY Crate Ottoman

 I've had a large crate sitting in my garage for some time 
so I decided to make a crate ottoman similar 
to this one featured in Country Living magazine.  

Here is my DIY step by step guide on making a crate ottoman.

First you need a crate. 
 Depending on how you're going to use your crate will best determine what size you need.
My crate was on the larger size which 
made it really appealing as an ottoman and/or storage container.

 Tools you will need:
1) tape measure  2) saw (I used my jigsaw) 3) electric drill  
4) staple gun  5) piece of wood for top   6) batting
7) caster wheels & screws are optional
(Adding the caster wheels is optional, but I think it really adds to the finished piece)

Getting started:
Turn the crate over and measure where you would like to put the caster wheels.
**I found by trial and error that it was better to drill holes for 
the wheels in about 5-6 inches from the corner.
Too close to the corner made it difficult to a bolt the screws on the inside.**
You will have to make a judgement call based on the size of your crate.

Mark where you are going to drill the holes for the wheels

Simply drill all the way through and secure the wheels on the inside with nut and bolts.

**I purchased my caster wheels from Lowe's.  
Oddly enough, they did not include the nut and bolt so I had to buy those separately.  
Be sure to buy ones long enough to go all the way through on the inside of the crate.**

 4 wheels all secured!

Ready to roll!

Next getting the top ready...


I measured the opening of the crate.  
My plan was never to secure the wooden board to the crate.  
I gave myself an extra 1/2 inch on each side when I measured 
and cut the wood so it would sit nicely on top of the crate.

Cut your wood.   SAFETY FIRST!!
Don't forget to wear GLASSES when using a saw.
The piece of wood I used was left over from a different project, but fortunately, it was a really thick sturdy piece that made it possible to use the crate to sit on if desired.

Next, I stapled the batting on the top of the wood.

I selected a grain sack style of fabric to cover the top. 
Simply staple it over the batting

Oh, one last thing...
.for a final touch I decided to add a scented liner to the inside of the crate.  

And viola! Finished project!
You decide what to use it for- 
magazine storage, ottoman, blankets, files, extra seating, toys??