Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year - I think?

Happy New Year...I think.  The New Year is about fresh, new beginnings - right?  Unfortunately, we closed the end of 2011 and started 2012 with the loss of  2 amazing people.

At the end of 2011, Ally's High School religion teach passed away unexpectantly.  Her teacher, Mr. Nielsen, was extremely loved by his students.  His fun, sincere and unique way of teaching religion directly attributed to bringing Ally closer to the Lord. He will be greatly missed by everyone at Santa Margarita Catholic High School.

Yesterday was another INCREDIBLY sad day not only for everyone in our community, but especially Ally.  Her good friend Shaya's 12 year old sister, Jessie Joy Rees, lost her battle with cancer.

Jessie was diagnosed in March 2011 with an inoperable brain tumor.  Her brave journey was documented through her facebook page. To say she became an inspiration to anyone and everyone who came across her Facebook page would be an understatement.

Early on she came up with the message NEVER EVER GIVE UP - NEGU. NEGU signs and bumper stickers started popping up all over our community.  It didn't matter if you knew Jessie personally or not, EVERYONE was inspired by her NEGU motto.

Along with her NEGU motto, Jessie went on a mission to bring a little joy to other children suffering from cancer.  She created  Joy Jars.  Joy Jars were jars filled with little trinkets and delivered to children who were in the hospital.  In spite of everything she was going through, this little 12 year girl could only think of how she could bring joy to others.

Today, there is a little less Joy in our community with the loss of Jessie. Take a moment to see how this AMAZING 12 year has touched people all over the world by searching Jessica Joy Rees on Facebook or on youtube.

I don't really believe in or doing New Year's resolution.  But I've decided this year - in honor of Jessie, I will make one.   I am TRULY going to try and not sweat the small stuff.  And no matter what trials our family faces in 2012, we will try to live by Jessie's creed to NEGU!!!

Thank you Jessie for this inspiration.

Rest In Peace Sweet Girl.


  1. So sad for your daughter to lose such inspirational people. Much to think about. Much love to your family and friends. Di

  2. OMGosh Rose, my heart is going through a wave of emotions. Jessie was only 5 months older than my Jessi, and I can't even imagine what her parents have gone through since her diagnosis. My heart hurts for their loss and I will include them in my prayers. Our children are one of the God's greatest gifts to us and we expect to have them for the rest of our lives, but sometimes He has plans that we cannot comprehend with our finite minds. It sounds like in those 12 short years she blessed her parents' lives beyond measure and for that I'm sure they are grateful. I will pray that His peace which surpasses all understanding will guard the hearts and minds of the Rees family as they mourn the loss of their beautiful little girl.