Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Teenage Girls & Clean Rooms - A Rare Sighting

The sight was almost as rare as the Red Moon lunar eclipse - my daughters both had clean rooms!  Like most teenagers, Chelsea and Ally's definition of cleaning their rooms usually means shoving everything in the closet or under the bed.  So when they both went out of town last weekend, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to REALLY clean their bedrooms (Translation - Get rid of tons of stuff.)

Since there is no telling when this rare sighting will happen again, I shot some pictures of their rooms. (Some of the photos I took while testing out the iPhone pic app.)

Fortunately, the girls still welcome my input in their room design while adding their own personal touches.

Chelsea's room is accented with the Tiffany blue I love so much.  I had this large crown painted on her wall few years ago.   It makes quite a statement above her chippy paint desk.

Yes, I could have removed the shoe basket for the picture, but wanted to give you a pretty actual view of the room!

Whenever I see books with a Tiffany blue cover, 
I usually pick them up as an accent for her desk.
The watercolor is a painting my dad did for Chelsea.

Chelsea picked out this chippy paint blue cabinet herself.  
Although it has caster and wheels, it was SO HEAVY getting it up the stairs, 
I swore, it was never leaving her room!
  (I know it looks really dirty in this picture, 
but I did scrub it and line the drawers before I put it in her room.
 You also can't tell, but I put a piece of plexiglass on both this cabinet and the desk.)

Chelsea's daybed is filled with pillows.

We painted the 2 walls that frame her window seat with chalk paint.  A great place for friends to leave messages when they are just hanging out in her room.

My message would be "Keep Your Room Clean".

We recently gave Ally's room a makeover with very little expense.  
I used items that I was able to shift from anther room or that were slated for the flea.

When we made changes to her room, we took down her wonderful old chippy paint iron bed with plans to create a daybed using this wonderful door as the headboard.  
Unfortunately, once we got all the furniture in, we found it wouldn't work.

She needed a dresser with more storage so I traded the one that was in my of my bathroom.

We still kept the door up and it now serves as a holder for some of Ally's pics and necklaces.

(Playing with the i-phone pic apps)

This metal locker fits perfect in the corner of her room.

Metal stand with 4 shelves  being used for books, pictures, 
TV and baskets.

(Playing with the iphone pic app again.)

Her friends get a kick out of her vintage typewriter.

The girls got home on Sunday and while they've only been home 4 days, 
I could easily do a  "before" and "after" blog on their rooms.  
At least I have these photos to look back on and remember the "before" look.