Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ever Ready Bunny

Last week I felt like a bunny rabbit - not the cute cuddly type, but more like the Ever Ready type!  From Tuesday - Saturday, I went non stop!

Late Tuesday afternoon, I got invited to be part of a local show that was scheduled for Thursday.  I was low on inventory so I painted and sewed all day Wednesday to have enough treasures to present at the show. Wow! -Not only was it an incredibly successful show (and worth staying up till midnight sewing pillows!), but I also got to spend the day visiting with so many of the moms from my daughter's school.  A really fun day.  

Since I sold so much on Thursday, I got up early Friday and headed to Matilda's to see if I could find some new treasures.  Where else but at Matilda's would you be greeted by the tweet of a "display" of live chicks and ducklings.  As you can see from the pictures, the Easter decor was in full force at Matilda's   

On Saturday morning, I headed out early to an estate sale that was by invitation only.  It was kinda a preview sale with only about 30 people invited to the event.  Have you ever seen "American Pickers"?  This estate sale was a true picker event.  The organizers advised you to bring a flashlight, wear long pants, close toe shoes and gloves.  As long as you were willing to walk the acreage and dig through piles, treasures were there to be found.  (Sorry the pics aren't great of the estate sale, but I was too busy digging to take time out to take pictures.)

  A few of my picks...I want to make hanging lights out of the metal baskets I got below.

By Sunday, my batteries ran out.  It was the perfect day to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, relax and go to the movies to see The Hunger Games. Now that I've caught my breath, I'm ready to sell at Irvine on Sunday and even more ready to leave on Monday to go home to Texas and shop the Roundtop Antique market!!!!   Come see me at Irvine, East Side, Row 5, Space 7.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


If you're looking for a fun outing on Saturday - come to Glitterfest!

It is an amazing show with some of the most creative vendors ever!!!

I'll be a vendor in the outside "Patio Party"

A Perfect Weekend

As a marketplace/flea market vendor, your business really relies on the blessings of Mother Nature's good weather.  This last weekend was Perfect.   The beautiful spring weather brought out the best in everyone at both the The Vintage Oaks Friday and Saturday marketplace and Sunday's Irvine flea market. Snapshots from my booth at both shows....

Setting up at The Vintage Oaks can be intimidating. You REALLY have to up your game because every vendor there is AMAZING.  The booth set-ups are incredible and everyone brings wonderful product! I always show up feeling a little nervous that my goods aren't up to the standards around me.  Then I have to remind myself, I've done my best and move forward!  The Vintage Oaks show was once again so much fun and attended by so many friendly shoppers!  

I purchased this incredible architect piece for my home, but it was to big for the wall, so now I'm selling it.
I sold this wonderful farm table!
My lovely vintage swans. 
   It's hard to believe the top half, which weighed at least 100 pounds, was just being held up by the reinforced re bar.

With spring in the air, I strayed away from my neutral palette for both shows and accented my booth with some brighter colors.
Do you like my new headbands....all made with bright spring colors!

Sewed and sold lots of spring pillows. 

One of my regular Rosebowl shoppers lives near Fallbrook so she brought her adorable 3 daughters to the marketplace.
My tall Mr. Peter Rabbit went home with them....awwwwwww!
Shoppers enjoyed my handmade Easter ribbons for $5.  Will have lots more at Glitterfest.
Thank you Christie, Rita and Dean for another wonderful show.  Christie, Rita and Dean really go above and beyond to support their vendors!!!  XOXO to you guys.  Special thanks to Cheryl for taking the day off from work to help me at the show.

The Irvine Flea Market on Sunday started out a little rocky. MY ALARM DIDN'T GO OFF! So instead of getting up at 4:30 and getting to Irvine at 5 am, I woke up at 5:57 and arrived at 6:20.  Thanks to my vendor neighbors, Art and Janice, who pitched in to helped me unload. Working at mock speed, I was set up within 1/2 an hour.  After that, the day - ROCKED.  The weather was so beautiful and the aisles were filled with shoppers.

You know the saying "No rest for the wicked!".  I'll be at Glitterfest on Saturday and Rosebowl on Sunday.   And  at the end of the month, I'm headed to Roundtop to shop and get lots of new goodies!