Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Setting Sail in Stripes

I love stripes.  I love how fresh and clean stripes look both in daily wear and home accents.  And while I'm sure there is  a fashion guru out there who would advise me  that at  my height (and weight), I should probably avoid them, oh well.... I've always been a bit of a rule breaker. 

Photo credits: Photos from pintrest and google images

This time of year stripes seem to heavily accented with the nautical theme.  Suddenly I find myself wanting to set sail (and I don't even like to get on boats). 

But my love affair with stripes isn't limited to the fashion world, I have always loved ticking and the way it can be incorporated into the home.  I'm currently searching for a really great gray stripe ticking to make pillows for my sofa if anyone knows of a source.

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  1. Rose you are the cutest when you were stripes I love how you pull that summer look off perfectly. So wonderful to see you the other day and get a "Rose Hug" Have a wonderful week, and thank you again for that tip!

    Love you