Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY Crate Ottoman

 I've had a large crate sitting in my garage for some time 
so I decided to make a crate ottoman similar 
to this one featured in Country Living magazine.  

Here is my DIY step by step guide on making a crate ottoman.

First you need a crate. 
 Depending on how you're going to use your crate will best determine what size you need.
My crate was on the larger size which 
made it really appealing as an ottoman and/or storage container.

 Tools you will need:
1) tape measure  2) saw (I used my jigsaw) 3) electric drill  
4) staple gun  5) piece of wood for top   6) batting
7) caster wheels & screws are optional
(Adding the caster wheels is optional, but I think it really adds to the finished piece)

Getting started:
Turn the crate over and measure where you would like to put the caster wheels.
**I found by trial and error that it was better to drill holes for 
the wheels in about 5-6 inches from the corner.
Too close to the corner made it difficult to a bolt the screws on the inside.**
You will have to make a judgement call based on the size of your crate.

Mark where you are going to drill the holes for the wheels

Simply drill all the way through and secure the wheels on the inside with nut and bolts.

**I purchased my caster wheels from Lowe's.  
Oddly enough, they did not include the nut and bolt so I had to buy those separately.  
Be sure to buy ones long enough to go all the way through on the inside of the crate.**

 4 wheels all secured!

Ready to roll!

Next getting the top ready...


I measured the opening of the crate.  
My plan was never to secure the wooden board to the crate.  
I gave myself an extra 1/2 inch on each side when I measured 
and cut the wood so it would sit nicely on top of the crate.

Cut your wood.   SAFETY FIRST!!
Don't forget to wear GLASSES when using a saw.
The piece of wood I used was left over from a different project, but fortunately, it was a really thick sturdy piece that made it possible to use the crate to sit on if desired.

Next, I stapled the batting on the top of the wood.

I selected a grain sack style of fabric to cover the top. 
Simply staple it over the batting

Oh, one last thing...
.for a final touch I decided to add a scented liner to the inside of the crate.  

And viola! Finished project!
You decide what to use it for- 
magazine storage, ottoman, blankets, files, extra seating, toys??


  1. Rose
    Your crate ottoman is amazing! I love the tutorial and the finishing touches. You are so very creative as always. Have a wonderful week and a very blessed Mother's Day


  2. Love it!!! Are you going to add the rope handles?

    1. Had not thought about it, but now that you mention it - it would be a nice addition. love the idea. thanks.