Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Packing Away Holiday Decor....

 Happy New Year!

2012 was filled with happy moments, sad moments,proud moments and inspiring moments that when combined all together defined my so called life.

Packing away the holiday decor doesn't necessarily mean packing away the memories of 2012. Here are glimpses of the Carey home holiday merriment along with some of the special moments of 2012.

2012 surrounded me with the never ending support and love of my family ....

and tried and true friends....

 2012 reconnected me with old friends....
(Patty - thanks for taking the time to see me when you were in town.
My dear friend Mie - how lucky am I that we ran into each other at Ralphs. A true blessing!)

2012 introduced me to new acquaintances ...... who I now call friends....

2012 brought moments of panic when 2 of my loved ones 
were diagnosed with cancer ....
(My dad and my BFF Cheryl)

2012 brought inspiration as I watched my dad and friend battle back
 from their respective cancer diagnoses....

2012 took our son Riley to study abroad in Spain for the Fall semester....
Picking him up at the airport was one of those heart racing moments as we waited to see him for the first time in 3 months.

2012 left me so sad when we said good bye 
to our dear friend Todd M. who passed away.
(April, I think about you and the kids often.)

2012 allowed our daughter Chelsea to fulfill a dream when she went to Paris 
for a 10 day school conference....

2012 had me feeling so proud of our youngest daughter, 
Ally,who was selected to play #1 singles for SM's JV tennis team 
and battled to win most of her matches.

2012 brought me the incredible gift of Frontier International and introduced me to 
 a group of people who are some of the kindest 
and most caring individuals I have ever met....especially Gitte and Randy.

2012 blessed my husband with another year of continuing to work at a job he loves and enjoying the simple pleasures in life like a good cup of coffee while reading the sports page.

HAPPY 2013!