Monday, July 22, 2013

Isn't it summer?

You would never have known it was summer yesterday at the Long Beach Flea Market. It was sooo cold!

My wonderful friend Cheryl volunteered to come help me at the market. I was so worried about her sitting out in the hot sun all day (I'm used to the flea summer days), that I packed my battery operated fan, just in case.

Ha! Definitely no need for my fan. But even with each of us wrapping a curtain around us for warmth, Cheryl and I spent the day laughing at just about anything and everything. Here is a glimpse treasures from my booth.

Don't you love this collection of old letter openers?

I can only wish I was using one of these maps 
this summer while touring France.
With 2 kids in college and college tuitions due, a trip to France probably won't be on the calendar anytime in the near future.

I love this collection of matchbooks.

I actually found a large plate at another vendor's booth yesterday 
to match my Italian pink coasters.

Remember, "A day without laughter is a day wasted."

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