Monday, July 29, 2013

Sweet 16

Happy Birthday to my Ally who turns sweet 16 today!

It sounds like such a cliche - but it's true - where did the time go?
(So many of you have watched her grow up over the years as she has always been my #1 helper at the flea markets.  Unfortunately, at 16 - she doesn't want to come out as much any more so I gladly accept whenever she does offer to help. )

Kindergarten Days to.....

High School Days.....

Even at 16 - Ally proudly voices her obsession with being a Harry Potter fan.
So how could she turn 16 without Emma Watson, 
 joining her for the celebration.
(Sorry for the bad pic! Not sure what happened??)

Happy Birthday Ally.


  1. Happy Birthday to Ally! Looks like she enjoyed her special day...Great photos Rose!! Where does the time go? See you soon!


  2. What beautiful memories and photos of your daughter. I hope she is enjoy high school. :o)